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Thank you so much TMR jee.

I got my bachelor degree in chemistry and now I want to get into master degree. However, I am really lost what field to go into? My interest in neuroscience but in order to get into this field I will have to wait for two years and I have to get my master or mom dad will bother me.
Therefore, I am thinking about going into healthcare business master which can help me to get a job as administrator or management. This is not something I will do for interest but will do for living.
I am also thinking about getting a certificate and becoming a substitute teacher as part time.
Neuroscience research is my dream or better getting a phd in neuroscience but I will not be able to get into program soon.
So I think master is health care is my only option left.

And about job, I have had only one job because I grew up with social anxiety which pretty much had put a fear in my mind to never get a job so always finding alternative ways to makeo money like interest marketing and stuff.

And I am glad I won’t have to worry about unemployment on future because I have felt so bad all these years for not being able to help my parents financially so much.

My interest in also in occult sciences, metaphysic, and astrology too but all these stuff are not taught here in USA.

I am sorry for writing a long essay. And thank you so much for your time and help. May waheguru always bless you . Thank you

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