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Reply To: Age of marriage in horoscope and numerology

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sorry to say but per my analysis, if time is right this horoscope is very weak for marriage. +ve and -ve combinations are present together (also Jup/Mer/Sat/Mar being retrograde is decreasing the good effects further).

Seems like decent time window for marriage during Rah-Mer and Rah-Ket was missed from 15/7/2012 20/2/2016.

Start of a love affair is seen during Rah-Sun (19/2/2019 to 14/1/2020) and there is slight chance of marriage during Rah-Moon (14/1/2020 to 15/7/2021).

Otherwise next window for marriage will be during Jup-Mer period (3/4/2027 to 9/7/2029). Chanting Rahu beej mantra and mercury beej mantra will help in mental peace and finding right way forward.

Keep doing your efforts and may god bless you,
Astrologer Deepak

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