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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswaara rao

Your lagna is Vrischika(Scorpio).
This forum is doing free and prompt service not due to
any special affection to you or to any other person,
but due to love towards astrology,collected by great sages
like Parasara and his predecessors.
Parasara wrote book – Hora-,by collecting the
astrological principles already well known to
the then astrological scholars.It appears by his time itself,
there were many other methods in astrology,patronised by
a particular sage or group of sages.
Now coming to your horoscope.
Good points–
1.Your lagna lord Kuja is in 10th house.It is good
Raja yoga cum Kula bhushana yoga.Kuja has got Digbala
in 10th house.So it is very good.
2.Sukra in 10th house is also good.
Bad points–
3.The planets Guru,Sani and Rahu are in neecha in
Navamsa chart.So,your horoscope got weakened.
4.Sani is very bad planet for Scorpio lagna.
So,Sani has has spoiled excellent gajakesari yoga.
5.Rahu in second house is not so good.

So,your career will be good ,but financially not so rewarding.
The neecha position of Guru in Navamsa and the fact that it is
being aspected by Sani,indicates that you are carrying forward
negative karma from previous life.
Mere attention to studies and career may not bring you
much success,if you dont devote much time and energy
in reducing negativity of previous life,by doing penance
for 4 or 5 years.
Penance means observing fast for one day in a week,for a
number of years.You should eat only uncooked vegetables
on the day of fasting.
Another factor of your horoscope is Kuja and Sukra combination.
You will be very daring in sexual pursuits.You should
keep in control your sexual urges and divert them towards
personality development .
Hundreds of books are being written by western authors on
personality development.
Personality development is not possible without penance and
sex control.