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Reply To: Any chance for a career change?

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you are under Moon Mahadasha from 12/11/2007 and moon is placed in nakshatra of saturn with rahu as sublord. Moon has combination of doing business with 6,8,12 showing hurdles and as moon is placed in second house you were in restaurant business. Lagna lord mercury is retrograde in 9th house showing that smart and on the spot decision making is not great. Also 7th lord of business/partnership Jupiter is retrograde in ascendant. Doing business is not deemed beneficial but moon kept you afloat.

You will start Mars mahadasha from 12/11/2017 (~7 years). Mars as 6th lord and 11th lord is placed in 10th house in nakshatra of Mercury with moon as sublord shows change in profession. Job/association in mars related fields such as real estate, finance will be much better. However Mars will not bring good old times back again.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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