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troubles you are experiencing are short term and probably because you are in last phase of Sade Sati (things show upward trend as Jupiter moves to Libra in Sep 2017 and Saturn to Sagitarrius in Oct 2017). You have been under benefic Jupiter period from 2003 and CA profession suits you as Mercury is very strong and placed in 10th house in Chalit. 5 planets in 10 and 11 houses show you are career oriented!

Overall very consistent chart (health and career) and above average career is foreseen with gradual rise. Please note that you start Saturn period of 19 years from 18/8/2019. As Saturn is placed in 12th house, re-location away from home/frequent travels (as Saturn is placed in its own nakshatra) and some mental worries might crop up as well.

Sat-Sat period from 18/8/2019 to 21/8/2022 may be a bit slack or flat out, but you will start rising from Sat-Mer period from 21/8/2022 which will be excellent!

God bless!
Astrologer Deepak