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Dear Rakhi Ji, You were born with Aries Ascendant and Libra Moonsign. The most important planet for marriage and married life is Venus, as per Your Birth Chart. Venus is in 11th House, Capricorn Sign and in Satabisha Nakshatra. Venus is in Old Age. So, over all Venus is producing average Results. Significator of Hubby, Jupiter rules 9th and 12th House and in 6th House of Conflict. Ketu is in 2nd House. Ketu is afflicting 2nd house, 6th House, 8th House, 10th House. Rahu is in 8th house and afflicting 8th House, 12th house, 2nd House and 4th House. Lord Jupiter is weak as it’s disposition Lord Moon is weak. So, Your Maraaige shall take a lot of time to happen. As, 2nd houss rules family happiness after marriage, 7th house is for Marriage, 8th house for Marital Tie. So, your Married Life shall be just okay. And, Marriage is likely to happen after second Half of 2020. Shall this chance be missed by June,2021.

Best Of Luck.
Astrologer Sourav
Om Namah Shivay