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you are under Jupiter Mahadasha from 9/8/2012. Jupiter is positive for marriage (being karaka of husband for females) and is placed in 5th house in Chalit.

Currently you are under Jupiter-Mercury period from 9/4/2017 to 16/7/2019. Start of a love affair is foreseen in end 2018 or early 2019 which will intensify during Jup-Ketu period from 16/7/2019 to 21/6/2020 and decent chances of marriage as well. Otherwise Jupiter-Venus from 21/6/2020 will be an excellent time as well (as Saturn aspects your 7th house take your time to be clear about what type of life partner you want vs rushing in; delay is better here).

Strong chances of long distance travel during Jup-Sun period from 20/2/2023 to 9/12/2023 as Sun is placed in 9th house in Chalit. Jup-Mar period from 9/4/2025 can facilitate foreign settlement if your husband’s chart supports as well.

An above average and positive married life is foreseen!

May god bless you,
Astrologer Deepak