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I don’t see this horoscope to be powerful from education point of view especially cracking tough educational exams (given your age you should take appropriate business education if available). You are pragmatic/street smart and best combination in your chart is Jupiter-Mercury close conjunction in ascendant which is powerful yoga for business and gain from father. Also Venus is placed in 11th house of gains in Chalit which is great as well.

You are under Rahu period from 2008 till 2026. Rahu is in nakshatra of moon and has moon as sublord which is not good for career overall. Rahu-Mercury period is operating from 2/8/2016 to 19/2/2019 and this is excellent time as Mercury is placed in nakshatra of Venus with Mercury as sublord. Also Ket/Ven time in Rahu is good till 2023!

Your combination for business are very strong and you will do well in that. Advice you to join your father’s business (there are times when you both differ in your thoughts) but that would help you to learn foundations. Saturn is placed in 3rd house in Chalit and enterprising nature will help but be ready to slog as well

Jupiter period from 2026 for 16 years will be strong for business and overall growth. Chanting Rahu &/or mercury beej mantra will help in mental peace (google them out).

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak