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Reply To: A question about astrology


Dear Shailly Ji,

What I feel, Astrology is for Planning our future ahead and it shall be used as a guiding tool. Nothing is fixed. Yes, You need to take action. But, sometimes, it is quite tough to answer. Like I saw few who are not getting married or not getting job due to some disease. Although planets related to Job and Marriage and moreover, time running is also good. So, very bad health issues can create obstacles, and Astrology has very little measurements to modify all these disease. And, for simply a disease, someone is not getting married even if he/she is under opportunity time to marry. So, there is something which we can not control. I saw few person seeking for Partner, but not getting anyone because of high expectation. So, both this cases are of two types. One is unable to marry and another one is not getting married willingly. According to me, Destiny is Pre-fixed(as we all know), but, Yes, You need to apply free will to get what is there in store for You.