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Astrologer Akash
Astrologer Akash


You are a Leo ascendant and Aries moon sign.

You are currently running Moon-Saturn period.In your horoscope Saturn is placed in the 4th house (12th from 5th) hence you had to face a loss of child also Saturn is your Gnati-karaka(of diseases and illnesses) and was placed 5th from the curent chara dasha in the Saptamsa chart.

When your Aquarius chara dasha starts from 22/04/2018-21/02/2019 there will be very high chances of childbirth also during that period you will be running Moon-Mer-Mer period and Mercury is placed in its own star and sub of Jupiter and signifies 2,11 houses so during that period you could surely have a child.

1.Chant Jupiter beej mantra 108 times daily.
2.Chant Mercury beej mantra 108 times daily.

God bless,
Astrologer Akash.