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Reply To: Lot of tensions in Job – Please advise

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seems to me you are you are a creative person with strong personality. You started Mahadasha of Mercury from 5/8/2015 that will last till 2032. Currently you are under Mercury-Mercury period till 1/1/2018 and Mercury is strongest planet in your chart placed in nakshatra of Ketu with Mercury itself as sublord with excellent combinations for job growth and awards! (success is followed by politics and jealousy as Astrologer TMR said). Things will turn bright for you from Oct 2017 onwards as Jupiter moves to 4th house aspecting 10th house and you end your Sade-saati as well.

Chanting mantra of mercury (~108 times a day) as a way to meditate will help (google it out).

Your Mer-Ven period is starting from 29/12/2018 and be on look-out for entrepreneurial opportunities as you will do very well in your own business.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak