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Navneet Khanna

In your horoscope we see Rahu in the 5th house which is the house of education. Rahu is in Scorpio which is the sign in which Rahu is debilitated. Mars is the 5th house lord which is weak as it is in the state of infancy. However Mars is in its own sign aries which is good. The mahadasha of Ketu and antardasha of mercury is going on. Yes there are challenges in your horoscope related to education, but that does not mean that you will not be educated. You should rather than focusing on simple graduation, focus on learning some skills.

For Rahu in the 5th house in sign of Mars, you should recite Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
Regarding your epilepsy, medical world has done remarkable advancement and there are many medicines today which can make you live a normal life.


Navneet Khanna