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If your time of birth is correct, you started Mahadasha of Moon (lord of gains/desire fulfillment) from 30/1/2017. Moon is placed in 10th house in Chalit and is deep combust making it weak. Your 7th house lord Jupiter (karaka of husband as well) is also not strong as Mr. TMR said given its retrograde and placed in 4th house in Chalit.

Good chances of getting married in Moon-Rahu period from 1/7/2018 to 31/12/2019 as Rahu is placed in 7th house in Chalit in nakshatra of Venus with Rahu as sublord (likely to be love marriage). Your husband maybe of foreign custom/different community as Rahu is placed in 7th house in Chalit.

Chanting beej mantra of moon (google it out) as meditative measure will be helpful.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak