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this forum is to help people who are in need of specific guidance vs asking general questions such as how will be my year or this transit.

You are currently under Mahadasha of Venus and bhukti of Saturn from 28/3/2015 to 28/5/2018. Venus as 11th lord has excellent combinations placed in nakshatra of Venus with Rahu as sublord and is placed in first house in Chalit (though close conjunction with Ketu makes it weak/afflicted). Saturn is not good for your lagna but is placed in fifth house with Moon in Chalit (you are in middle of Saadesati) but its placed in nakshatra of Ketu with Moon as sublord showing average combination for success. Rahu in natal chart is placed in 7th house with excellent combination for success as its placed in its own nakshatra and has Mars (lord of career) as sublord.

Given +ve dasha, average bhukti and Rahu being well placed in natal chalit chart, Rahu’s transit over ascendant in transit will be good for you! Things will turn better for you from end Oct 2017 onwards.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak

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