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interesting conundrum. If time and date are spot on, from what I see your 7th house (partnership/marriage) lord Mars is retrograde, weak and placed in 8th from itself i.e. second house in Chalit (also karaka of husband Jupiter is retrograde). Nutshell your horoscope is not strong for marriage but also points to # of romantic linkages in past.

You are under Rahu Mahadasha which is weak for marriage and currently, you are under Rahu-Ketu period from 25/1/2017 till 12/2/2018. Ketu is placed in 12th house of foreign travels (with decent combination for love affair/marriage) and is placed in nakshatra of Mars with Mercury as sublord. Hence you received a foreign travel opportunity + marriage proposal. Next small chance of marriage will be in Rahu-Mars period in 2023.

I don’t foresee settlement away from nativeland in this horoscope and you will most likely return during Rah-Sun period from 2021-2022.

Rahu-Venus period from 12/2/2018 to 12/2/2021 will be much better for professional success than current Rah-Ketu period as Venus is placed in 10th house in Chalit in its own nakshatra with Moon(lord of career) as sublord.

We are granted with free-will and whatever you value more at this point in life should drive your decision making.

May god bless you to make the right decision,
Astrologer Deepak