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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswaara rao

Your lagna is Vrischika.
Seventh house is vacant.
1.Good points–
Seventh house owner Sukra is in second house.
Ravi is also in second house.
There is 22degrees distance between RAvi and
Moon in 4th is excellent.You will have very good
profession.YOur finances are very good.
2.Bad point is Sani is seeing Lagna.
You will be running Budha maha dasa upto Aug 2027.
The present period is not so Budha
is a bad planet for Vrischika lagna.
Good points
3.As your horoscope is strong,you need not worry
about your career and marital life.
4.AS Sukra is very strong,you need not worry about
your marriage.
Sukra is in own house in Navamsa.
5.Moon is exalted in navamsa.

Now reverting back to your question–
Five planets in seventh house in navamsa chart.
It has not got much significance,as the assessment
of horoscope has to be done on the basis of Rasi chart.
The point which you are highlighting does not deserve
much attention.
But the fact that moon’s exaltation in navamsa and Sukra
occupying his own house in navamsa,require attention.
YOur horoscope is good.