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Reply To: understanding transits in astrology

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

In astrology every event is counted from lagna. For ex. education is from the 4th house counted from lagna. Marriage – 7th house counted from lagna.
The event givers are the planets called significators. The planets give the events in their ruling periods only.
The period is counted from the longitude of Moon in the natal chart as Dasa, Bhukti and Antara. The rulers in their period only give the results.
Meanwhile they will be transiting in the constellations and sometimes accidentally they act as reflectors of energies between two or more planets.
To study transits, the general rule is : Transiting planet is the source. Suppose 7th house significator is transiting in 2nd house, it means one can get the results of 2nd house i.e money through the 7th house i.e partner in the dasa of 7th significator and bhukti of 2nd significator or vice versa.
3rd house significator in 2nd house : money through younger brother.

If you take gochara phala, it is counted from Moon rasi. But the strength of planets giving the results is calculated like 1.Suvarna murthy 2. Rajatha Murthy 3. Tamra murthy and 4. Loha Murthy. It will not be applicable in all cases.