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Reply To: understanding transits in astrology

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On top of what is said above, it’s critical to understand if transit planet being analyzed is benefic/malefic in natal chart. For example a planet may be functional benefic or yogakaraka for an ascendant but if its placed in nakshatra of a planet signifying trik houses in chalit (via placement or lordship) and sublord is also a planet that signifies trik houses, functional benefic will be unable to give good results in dasha/bhukti/transit.

As transit planet moves through the 30 degrees in a sign, its nakshatra and sublord change + it gets conjunct with/aspected by other planets and given all planets are moving real time, the houses/combinations signified by transit planet in scope will change thereby modifying its results. So no planet will give consistently same results throughout its movement of 30 degrees in a sign.

All generalized predictions/videos about transits found on the internet are over-simplification of this science.

God Bless,
Astrologer Deepak