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Reply To: J V S Rao sir…please help

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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear friend
As you said is correct. Your ascendant is Pisces. Venus, Mercury and Sun are in 1st house. Rahu is in the 2nd house. Saturn is in the 7th house. Mars and Ketu are in 8th house. Jupiter is in 10th house. Moon is in 12th house.
In your chart Venus is in the 1st house. Venus is in the star of Ketu in 8th house Scorpio sign and sub of Venus. Being a Node, Ketu signifies all the planets in Aries(Venus, Mercury and Sun in lagna bhava) and Scorpio (Mars in 7th). Mercury is in the star of Ketu in 8th.
Hence in Venus you have to enjoy 8th house results through 7th and 11th house.
it means tensions through the persons you deal with.
Bhukti lord is Saturn. Saturn is in 7th in the star of Rahu in 2nd and sub of Mars in 8th. That Mars is in the star of Jupiter in 10th. Hence you will enjoy financial gains (not to your satisfaction) through your job. That means you can not get satisfactory monetary gains in your job till 18-05-2018.
Next bhukti lord Mercury is in the star of Ketu in 8th and sub of Moon in 12th. Moon significations are 3,4,5,6. Hence in Mercury there would be place change in your service.
Hence in Venus-Mercury there would be (service) job and movement to a new place against your wishes, involving expenditure and seperation to your wife.
Venus-Saturn period would give you tensions through brothers, journeys, change in job, minor accidents, seperation from wife, unnecessary expenditure etc.
Good Luck