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Reply To: when will my good time start

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear srikanth
Mars(5th lord – 5th house is for recovery from ill health) is conjoined with Ketu. It is good as Mars is in the star of Sun in 5th and in the sub of Saturn. That Saturn is in Moon star. When Saturn and Moon connection is there, there will be postponements and delays causing frunstration.
Mars and Ketu are in 6th. Ketu, being a Node will take all the powers of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Ketu signifies 2nd house (as Saturn and Jupiter are in 2nd), 5th house (conjoined with Mars),7th house and 8th house because of Saturn, predominantly 6th house and 1st house, being in the star of Moon.
I hope you have to face trouble in Ketu antara from 26-10-2017 to 14-11-2018 in certain periods.
Venus period (14-11-2018 to 13-11-2021) will give good results. Moon is the only planet, is in the star of Venus lord of 11th (permanent cure) and in the sub of Mercury in 5th. But there is no planet strongly connecting to 5th and 11th houses for permanent cure.
I hope lord Hanuman may give some relief. Hence daily try to listen MANYU SUKTAM as many time as possible. As it is powerful, please take the precautions like hearing in front of ladies who are in periods.
Good Luck