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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

dear rohan,
Your lagna is Virgo. Venus is in the 8th house in Aries sign. There is no planet in Venus star. Venus is in the star of Sun in 10th. That is good. As Venus is in 8th house, you have to face a lot of problems in your job and may lose your reputation.
Hence I suggest Venus is not suitable for you.
Regarding Jupiter: Jupiter is in lagna. There are no planets in the stars of Jupiter. Hence Jupiter has to give 4th, 7th and 8th houses, along with lagna. Jupiter is in the star of Moon in 2nd and sub of Rahu in 3rd. That Rahu is in the star of Mercury in 11th. To some extent it is good to wear for Jupiter.
But 8th cusp sublord Saturn is in the star of Mars in 12th and sub of Moon in 2nd and that Moon is in Mars in 12th. Jupiter will put you into accidents and admit into hospitals. Is it good?
The period is Jupiter dasa – Saturn bhukti upto 04-08-2019. Saturn gives unnecessary head aches to you.
This is as per KP analysis. I hope you need not wear any stones. It is upto you.
Good Luck