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The strength and nature of your planets are given below. You should not take up the profession of a doctor, a teacher in philology will be a better job. Trying to be a surgeon will be disastrous. Still if you want to become one, try to be a veterinary surgeon so that human beings will be spared. Are you sure of your time of birth?

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 7.98 Malefic
Moon 15.93 Malefic
Mars 52.42 Malefic
Mercury 5.54 Malefic
Jupiter 83.89 Malefic
Venus 43.96 Malefic
Saturn 84.84 Benefic
Rahu 71.18 Malefic
Kethu 51.09 Malefic

Net 47.17 Malefic

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