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Astro Anand Kumar

Hi you are born in Aries Rising, Anuradha star owned by Saturn and your moon is sitting in Scorpio with Mercury in 8th house of watery sign.
With regard to your question of Finance improvement there is positive phase already started from 24th Sep and it runs nicely and peaking at 20th Oct.2017.

With regard to travel having good influence of watery sign in residency divisional chart you are likely to travel from 17th Nov.2017. The phase is set for you as lots of travel indicated till Feb 2018 end.

Your career area is going on better from 2017 Feb onwards due to Mars who is exalted in career chart sitting in 10th along with Jupiter who is debilitated gives and Mars is exalted gives good career ahead for 7years from now on.
Mars is sitting pretty in all the divisional chart sitting holding venus star gives opinion that there are good foreign connections can be seen due to the association of 9th and 12th lord Jupiter with Mars in Career chart. You are highly creative person having Moon in Leo and aspects from Mars gives good.
Chances of practicing Medical, Engineering side of the career where there are lot of day to day interactions.
Best wishes

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