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Reply To: Divorce in the kundali or not

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Astro Anand Kumar

Dear Seeker having your DOB 28th Jan 1988 at 12:15 PM afternoon, Your Lagna is Aries having Rohini Star, Rishbh Rasi.
Your Seventh lord is 11th house with 3 and 6th Lord Mercury.
Lord of sixth sitting in 6th house with 2nd house of family and 7th house of spouse. Having Rahu dasa, Venus Bukthi and Mercury Antara Dasa gives troubles in family as Rahu is sitting in Guru star and Rahu sub
Venus is sitting in Guru Star with Guru Sub
Mercury is sitting in Mars star and Ketu Sub.
Mercury Antara gets over by 27/12 and followed by Ketu who is in 6th till March 2 2018. In Navamsa Venus and Moon in 6th house of Aries having Scorpio lagna where Venus is 7th and 12th lord sitting in 6th gives clear picture of the issue.

Guru in 12th house owned by him with Rahu all aspects 6th house of association/litigation from 12th where ketu is sitting gives clear opinion that divorce is imminent.

Pray Guru on thursday and Venus on friday to over come this issue to have smooth sailing.