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Hi Nishani De Silva

Single planet, Sun alone is causing all the problems…

your 10th(profession) & 7th(marriage) house lord mercury is placed in 11th house along with “Debilitated Sun” and Venus.

Mercury is Retrograde and also in combustion with the Sun
. within 3 degrees very close combustion. In general Karaka for job is Mercury

debilitated Sun raised at 11 degrees and its is close to the highest degree of debilitation that is 10 degrees

Your Nakshatra is Uttarashada and the its lord is Sun

In Rahu Mercury dashsa you became jobless

You will get married and will see great success in profession between oct 2018 – oct 2019

Increase the energy of Sun by doing japas(reciting), dhaanas(donation).

Do surya namaskharaks every day
recite surya beeja mantra every day 108 times
do pasting on sundays
donate 1 kg wheat and 250 grms of jaggery evry sunday for 7 weeks in a temple for purohit (great remedy)
eat sweat before doing any important task