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Hi Dilanka

Depression is caused by Moon
In any chart the Karaka lord for Mann(heart) is Moon

In your chart moon is the 12th house lord(over thinking, jail, closed areas) and it is placed in the 12th house itself!!

karaka Moon + 12th ownership+ 12th position of moon along with another sensible planet Venus which is the 3rd lord of courage(when place in the 12th house decreases the courage )

from the 12th house and also from the 12th lord moon the 12th house is Gemini, the owner of Gemini, Mercury is placed in 12th house

So, finally your 12th lord’s staying 12th houses is the reason for depression

ketu combined with langna lord sun. Causes multiple health issues.

For depression everyday chant Moon beeja mantra 108 times or do japa for moon 10000 times with the permission of purohit(great remedy)

Donate 1 liter milk + 1 kg white rice !!! on Mondays for 10 weeks to a purohit

To increase the testosterone you should increase your Venus power

Do recite Venus beeja mantra every day for 108 times… Donate chandan(sandal) and perfumed incense sticks on fridays to purohit

for pituitary gland problem you should do rahu ketu shanti pooja !!!

thank you