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Astrology can only be used for evaluation of a person. They are like road signs to a motorist. When you see a sharp climb sign ahead, you cannot even out the road to flatten and carry on with your journey. Remedies are the warnings you thus get and take suitable precaution. Like if you know it is going to rain, you carry an umbrella or cancel the journey. Is it not. Your horoscope says your Mercury, Mars and Saturn is no good and this knowledge should have been considered before you take up a profession which needs them to be strong. Sun, Moon and Venus were having excellent strength and you should have opted for a different suitable line to carry on with your education. You must use Astrology intelligently to be of any use to you. You on the other hand contact wayside astrologers and seek impossible remedies. If everyone were truthful to their job, no CA is needed at all. Now with computers having taken over your job, CAs are not much needed and not in demand. Fortunately our govt. is helping you out by having a complex GST system.

I would say you would have done well in Civil Service with your powerful Sun, Moon and Saturn. Or you could be good in the judicial profession where you would have got much more job satisfaction. Chartered Accountancy are good for people who have an excellent Mercury, Jupiter and Sun combination.

Ok. Put in all your efforts and write your Nov examination. Your house of luck has 65% strength and perhaps that will see you through.