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Thanks all for suggestions. I was asked a few months back to wear pukhraj in gold ring on right index finger. The day I did… I resigned from my job due to stress and since then Im jobless. The interviews Ive given I wasnt selected. Its been 2 months now.

I cannot perform religious rituals as I dont believe in that. But I just wanted to know if the period is good or bad. In my experience, Ive always consulted astrologers and when they said the time is bad… it was bad, and all my hardwork went to waste. When it was good… It was great even with zero hardwork.

I was shocked when 1-2 astrologers face to face told me time is alright. First it was retrograde period. Then it became after 6th Oct you will get a job. Still hasnt happened. It means time period is bad.

I will endure as long as I can. Then I dont know. Thanks for your feedback and responses. I have tried suicide 4 times previously. And I believe not every life is meant to continue. It is a courageous act if one is doing it for the better. Maybe I wasnt good in my profession and life gave me this punishment.