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Astrologer Akash
Astrologer Akash


You are a Leo ascendant and UttaraShada nakshatra.

Your marriage will take place in the Capricorn chara dasha which will be running from 14/03/2019-16/11/2019.If you make Capricorn the ascendant you see that 5th lord Venus goes into the 7th house which shows it will be a love marriage.In the main birth chart the 7th lord is in the 6th house with the 12th lord moon and in the Navamsa chart the 7th lord Venus is in the 6th house and is debilitated which shows strong combinations for divorce too.

Also your Venus is very weakly placed in the 12th house only with 2 ashtakvarga bindus.

1.Chat Shukra beej mantra daily.
2.Worship lord Hanuman.