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Navneet Khanna

Horoscope matching consists of two parts. One is Guna milan which you can check for free on . The link is given below.

Click to Check your Horoscope Matching here Ashtkoot Guna milan matching for Marriage

The Second is Grah Milan which studies the complete horoscope for marriage and marital happiness.

Guna milan is based upon the birth Nakshatra and it does not cover many aspects of life. Doing Grah milan along with Guna milan is important. You should also know that it is the planetary energies that influences us in life, it can be career, marriage, success, children. Therefore you studying the Grah Milan is very important before solemnizing marriage.

Nadi dosha remedies should also be done for complete Nadi dosha.

As this is a time consuming work, You can look at “Horoscope Matching Kundali Milan” in Paid Services – Marriage Report.


Navneet Khanna