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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear Ishita,
I have seen your time of birth would be 1.31.30 PM.Then only you could have your education, PG. Even if you give the time as 1.41 PM or 1.31 PM every thing will go dubious. It is not the fault of the astrologer, it is with the given time only.
Unless the time is 1.31.30 PM you can not have education in Ketu period.
You will get the job and marriage in 2nd half of 2018. If the marriage has not taken place in 2018, if would in KETU period which is strong than MOON and JUPITER in 2020.
As Moon is in the star of Saturn, without postponement and tension, nothing will happen to you.
Good Luck
KP astrologer