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Reply To: My baby future and alphabets to keep name.

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Astrologer Akash
Astrologer Akash


Your son is an Aries Lagna and Arudra nakshatra pada 3.Favorables latter’s for his name’s would be

He has an exalted Mars in 10th house forming Ruchaka yoga and an exalted Jupiter in 4th house forming Hamsa Yoga which are very auspicious yoga’s.

Favorable career line for him is Police,Army,IT other technology sector.

There might be some ups and downs in education as 5th Lord is in 8th house and Mercury is in deep combust which shows lack of mathematical skills.

He won’t have the greatest relationship with the father but will have a very good relationship with the mother.

His Venus is in Moola nakshatra so I advise him not to get into any relationships before the age of 21.

He will have a decent income throughout life.

God Bless,
Astrologer Akash.