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Om Sri Gurave namaha

You lagan is fiery raasi simha and sun lagan lord is occupying lagan thats good indications.Sun in ketu star can also give alternative occupations. Relating to communications.
Saturn dasa till 2020 march will bring stability in your career.
Moon too is powerful .
Jupiter a dual planet and retrograde occupying 7th house gives dual mindset as far as interactions wit people and consequent dristhi on lagan a nd lagan lord.
In navamsa lagan lord mars occupies labha house but with enemy saturn. And ketu.
In dasamsa too Guru, sun and saturn occupy 7th house..venus the 2nd lord occupies the 10.
As Guru occupies 7 and saturn aspects 4th house… there is possibility of setting up an educational instutuion.
Moon and mercury together in 9th house of hugher thinking or mentoring.
Mercury , ketu and venus can give employments before nov 16th , 2017,
10th lord venus in star of mars and mars connected with 10th house and hence chance for good job
Stability will be matter of concern as people with retro Jupiter are very ambitious. So one must learn to be contended .
Rahu in watery sign and its star lord mercury present on 12 house also explains why you keep changing jobs.
Its recommended that you should learn to become stable in life.
As Guru in own star and ketu and connected with houses 2 , 7 and 11.. there is also possibility of own business set up in future

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