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Reply To: Need To Know Some Upay To improve my career

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Dear Ashwini,

You have a very powerful horoscope with 83.82% strength and your career house also is very potent with more than 90% strength. The least strong in your charts is the second house with a strength of 62% which itself is good which signifies wealth, assets, speech, face etc.

Just check whether you are right in interacting with others and perhaps you are not able to communicate well with your team mates or colleagues and this could be one of the reasons for your dissatisfaction. And the returns from Career/Profession is not in conformity with your inputs since the 11th house has a lower strength than your career house at 75%. So if you put in 90 units of work, your returns will only be to the tune of around 75 units. You will have to get reconciled to this situation for the rest of your life since you are so destined as per your horoscope. But this ratio is not all that bad to be concerned about.

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Best of luck.

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