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You are absolutely right that varying opinions from Astrologers is one of the reasons of losing the credibility of astrology and to this cause only I started a scientific evaluation of horoscopes based on mathematics of astrology which to do manually will take about 80 man hours and me being a computer professional from 1965 onward when computers were first introduced in India and being proficient in Programming, I wrote the first program on the old mainframe computer which took 43 minutes to compute the strength of a horoscope which now takes only 4 seconds. The algorithm which I used is explained in my blog and you will find it interesting. The main advantage is the results are always consistent for a given date, time and place of birth. Wayside astrologers are galore in India and they predict things which cannot be predicted. No one can predict the future. What best we can do is to evaluate a horoscope based on the data which is the details of date, time and place of birth.

The results of such evaluations can be used in our life like road signs are being used by motorists. You can never change the future, the only thing you can be warned about how it is going to be and take such suitable precautions so that the effect if bad can be reduced and if the times are good, you can use it to make your life better. As an example if you know that it is going to rain, you can carry a good umbrella or take a good raincoat with you so that you will not be drenched in the rain though some drops of it will enter through the slits and still make you wet.

I hope you understand how astrology can be made use of in life. In your case marriage is not such a good thing that you will enjoy it to the fullest extent. Yes you could get married to someone, but your expectations that it will be a panacea to all your worries is totally a misinformed one. Of course if you get a nice matching horoscope, that is the best you can expect and be satisfied with it.

Do not blame astrology as a science, but yes astrologers sitting on the roadside are the culprits. It is very similar to going to a well qualified doctor to treat your problems if any rather than going to quacks.