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Reply To: Divorce and remarriage




Firstly which part of my question sounds silly to you ?my suffering in a marriage or my hope to have another life and a good partner at the age of 40? I did not direct this question to you at all. You were free not not to answer . But you chose to answer. I have been a big fan of this website for many months now and ur the most inconsiderate, rude and an arrogant man I’ve seen in this website. People come here to share real problems not for you to mock and laugh n term it as silly. I’m sure there are many more sensible astorolgers here to answer my question. You lack ethics and basic etiquette s. Stay away from replying to people if you lack basic respect for a fellow human being !

I don’t think you should copy paste same rude replies to everyone on the website. And I don’t need definition of astrology from a fman like you .