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Sade Sati is a fake effect. Everyone born in this world with a normal life span of above 60 years has three SadeSatis each occurring after every 29.5 years and there is nothing to be worried about it. It is just similar to the four Avasthas (Stages), Childhood, Teens, Youth and Old age. Each one of these has its own peculiarities and so does Sade Sati too in a similar way. Attributing hardships and problems to Sade sati is only a means of enriching for the Astrologers and caucuses by prescribing remedies using misinterpretation of axioms in Astrology. I am also 68+ and I have also undergone three sade satis in my life.

Sade Sati is just a myth being used by astrologers to exploit the unsuspecting public. Do read my articles on this subject in this website titled “Myth and misconceptions” as also in

It is natural that health gets deteriorated in old age and it is only a means of calling it a day of our life. If you think you will regain your health and will become a youth once over again, it is the height of ambition. Accept old age with grace.

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