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Reply To: Job and financial struggling

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Dear Durga,

I checked Your Birth chart. Its a good thing that You did Rahu Ketu puja, but they are not going to affect much. You did it because Astrologers might have told You that You are having ‘Guru-chandal Dosha’. Anyways, according to me dosha is not that powerful in Your case. So, Please stop thinking about Rahu and Ketu and stop following that fake Astrologer.

However, You are not getting good financial Status, because natal signatures of planets related to money is bad. Like, 5th Lord which also rules 12th house is in evil 8th house, Saturn being the Lord of fortune and also a money house 9th house Lord is in evil 6th house, the natural signification of wealth Lord Jupiter is also partially combust by Sun. However, horoscope seems to have few good signatures as well but due to weakness of planets You are suffering.

However, after 13/9/2018 You will have good time.

You need to wear Gemstones, but for now,

1. I would advise You to worship Lord Ganapathi, chant “Om gung Ganapathaye Namah” as much as possible,
2. Drink milk mixed with Turmeric Powder
3. Always Wear Black, green and Yellow and Red clothes.
4. Donate Moong daal and Red items to a temple or needy every Tuesday
5. Offer milk mixed with water on a Shivalinga every Monday.

Once You see good results, You can contact me for PAID CONSULTATION(Please don’t ask me for free again).