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K.Umamaheswara Rao
K.Umamaheswara rao

HEllo,It is difficult to tell whether he will marry from same caste or different caste.The astrologer can only tell whether he values old principles of marriage or will he deviate from parental values.
HIs lagna is Midhuna(Gemini).
Lagna contains Guru.It is very good and shows that he gives importance
to moral values and parental advice.
Further he is having moon in seventh house.He got good Gajakesari yoga.
He will become rich and influential in society.
But he will be romantic and he may move with girls of same caste or other
But Sani and rahu are in eighth house.It is very bad.
Sani is seeing second house.He may have stammering.
Further Sani is seeing fifth house.Though he is intelligent,
his Buddhi is vacillating.Sani makes him adamant and troubles
will crop up.
Sani is seeing Sukra.Sukra is in 10th house(exalted).
His horoscope is very strong.High social position is indicated,
though there may be failures here and there.
He has to do penance for 6months.
Astrology cant do anything in his affairs.