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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Dear Snehal
Good days for you from 18-01-2018. You will find happiness in your job. Pearl is not useful to you. Even though Moon is in the 11th house, it is applying 12th house and signifying 8th house also.
Moon in the star of Mercury lord of 2 and 11 in 7th. That is good. But Moon in the sub of Rahu in 10th. That is also good. But that Rahu is in the star of Mars in 8th. The final result is tensions and uneasiness through the people you deal with, in the monetary aspect. No job satisfaction. Chances of minor accidents are there upto 18-01-2018.
Hence I suggest you to remove the PEARL which is not at all useful to you. The wavering will disappear.
Again your mind is involved in one of your beloved ones from 2015.
Saturn bhukti is from 18-01-2018. You can enjoy all good results.