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Reply To: Husband acting up

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Subramanian Sathyamurthy

Since the 7th lord is at 3rd house with Rahu and mars (owner of 6th house) and sitting between 2 papagraha mars (6th) and Saturn (8th) Venus who is yogakara sitting in 6th house Mercury on retro. Your 4th is also affected by saturn sitting on Sun natchatra.

This is the reason for friction with partner. In the absence of our husband’s horoscope, we could not predict more. Both might hv decided to separate legally during 2015-16 but not proceeded with.

Visit tirupathi once with your hubby and pray for unity

every Thursday worship lord Dakshinamorry with flowers and on your wedding day call two bhramins and offer him food and clothes at least once

THis is subject to your husband’s horoscope prediction as the details are not adequate

God bless