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Reply To: Daughter's health

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The strength of planets of your daughter is as follows.
Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 17.48 Benefic
Moon 26.21 Malefic
Mars 61.42 Malefic
Mercury 44.60 Benefic
Jupiter 50.57 Malefic
Venus 24.84 Benefic
Saturn 72.51 Benefic
Rahu 54.45 Malefic
Kethu 71.90 Benefic

Net 53.58 Benefic

She is currently running Sun and after that Moon antardasa during which times there will be problems to her physique and general growth. Mars antardasa will be better followed by Jupiter also and then during Venus period also she will have a dip, but soon after that by 2026, she will be a fully normal girl. Saturn period of 19 years will be the best for her.

You have nothing to worry about her. Her problems are partly due to your horoscopes. You can read my blog for an insight into astrology.