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Om Sri Rama

Hello jayakrishan

Your dhnaus lagan and mithuna raasi. 7th lord mercury is star if 8th lord moon, sub of mercury. 7th house of occupied by saturn , moon and ketu.

In bhava lagan comes to vrichaka..and saturn and ketu fall in 7th house taurous.
Saturn falls in rahu star and venus too and ketu in rahu star.

As mercury in moon star and in dual sign you are advised to first control your thoughts. And focus in one direction.

7th lord mercury is placed in 10th house. Both sun and mercury opp 4th house..

So profession involving real estate. / Job consultancy can be suitable for you .but its ideal if you are in job rather than business as venus is in rahu star placed in lagan and venus itelf in labha stan.

In bhava chart mars 6th lord in 6th house and mars in sun star well placed in house 10.

So job is more suitable for you.