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jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Your time of birth is hrs.12.09.20. Then the birth moon connection would be there. This thing all the KP astrologers know. Your lagna is dhanus and rasi is Mithuna. We have to see 10th house for profession. Its sublord is signifying profession as well as business connected to Government. Probably it may be in teaching side or financial sector. Like banks, insurance business.
In KP analysis the discussion would be like this: 10th cusp sub lord is Saturn. He is in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in lagna sigifying Jupiter. As Jupiter is in 2nd house, your 10th cusp sub lord is connected to 2nd house. Hence it should be jobs connected with Jupiter, like schools, banks, financial sector, insurance. As he is connected to 7th, you have to contact many people. The analysis goes like this.