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Reply To: Is my birthchart bad?


Thank you for visiting this site. Your only problem is your Sun is deadly weak as shown below. And Sun is highly malefic too.

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 4.63 Malefic
Moon 91.81 Benefic
Mars 23.19 Malefic
Mercury 75.69 Benefic
Jupiter 77.36 Benefic
Venus 81.68 Malefic
Saturn 85.87 Benefic
Rahu 36.30 Benefic
Kethu 25.05 Malefic

Net 58.32 Benefic

Mars also is not strong enough which makes you a timid, non courageous personality and due to that you are not having good friends to guide you and be with you in life.

You have a very strong Marital bliss and soon after marriage, you will be a changed MAN. And you will find a suitable bride in 2019 or shall I put it the other way, a suitable bride will find a husband in you.

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