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Reply To: Is my birthchart bad?



Thank you for providing your vieuw.
I have been using several vedic astrology apps and websites so i can understand myself better.
I was raised as a christian, became an atheist by choice and astrology has made myself a pagan believing in the occult and astrology.
Because the information i’ve read on various channels seems to apply.
And yes i’ve read that from 2019 my 20 year venus dasha would begin.
However if i read up on all masha’s i have. The only positive aspect i seem to have are my adolescent years (mercury dasha 95-2012) and that i would become old.
But besides that i see a lot of trouble in my birthchart.

Is it possible to take control of my life and change my own destiny for the better?
Or does everything that needs to happen , happen?
The reason i am asking this is because i am very emotional (strong moon pisces from mother) and i am very spiritual (mercury exalted).
I want to have a positive life but i feel society is not very positive wich makes me do not fit in.