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Reply To: Fame

jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

Your lagna is cancer. Its sub lord is Rahu in Aquarius. Saturn is in 6th in the star of Venus (4th and 11th lord)in 10th along with (3rd and 12th lord) Mercury.Sun lord of 2nd in 9th. Rahu as an agent of Saturn get significations of 10th. You will definitely get fame.
Rahu being a Node acts as an agent of Saturn and signifies 8th house(house of accidental events, disappointments etc)also. Luckily your 8th cusp sub lord Jupiter is signifying 10th and 11th. Hence it is good. You will gain reputation and sudden legacies also in this bhukti within 23-07-2020.
This is as per KP analysis.