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1/3 of the world population belongs to RakshasaGana and another 1/3 of the population falls into Manushya Gana and the rest 1/3 are Devagana. So if you could classify the whole population in this world into 3 categories, do you think 1/3 of the population will not get along well with another other 1/3 of the people. What sort of stupid thinking would it be. This classification is similar to ABC classification in inventory control and here the usage of Rakshasa and Deva has no specific connotation to Anti Gods and Gods.

Please read my blog to understand the mathematics behind astrology and the misconceptions being used in astrology by illiterate astrologers who are basically uneducated in Mathematics and Logic.

The same thing holds true even when Star compatibility is being considered. Here instead of 3 the whole population is divided into 27 groups each coming under a star. And any evaluation based on the stars is foolish and meaningless and that is why compatibilities arrived at by ignorant astrologers are a curse to the marital desirants.

Read about my mathematical evaluations of the houses based on Astrology of the houses and how horoscope matching is carried out. It is similar to evaluating people based on the mark sheets given to them by Universities giving a value to the amount of exposure they have in each subject.

Blind belief and superstitions go hand in hand misusing astrological axioms without learning deep into the subject for just money making purpose.