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Though Mercury is in retrograde it is posted in 7th house. However your 8th house is the weakest and you will have lot of distresses in life to endure particularly related to the naval region. Have a look at the strength of the planets.

Planet Net Strength Nature

Sun 72.43 Malefic
Moon 91.44 Benefic
Mars 66.76 Malefic
Mercury 31.50 Benefic
Jupiter 64.77 Malefic
Venus 26.27 Malefic
Saturn 31.52 Malefic
Rahu 58.83 Benefic
Kethu 41.81 Malefic

Net 56.46 Benefic

You are currently running Mercury Mahadasa till 2025 and Rahu antardasa till Aug 2020.