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Reply To: How is he????



Navneet Ji.. I beg you to please help me.. My parents are planning to fix my wedding with him.. But suddenly I’m not getting good vibes from this guy.. We started talking from 23rd Jan 2018. He words are not matching his activities, for ex. He told his schedule is such that forces him to sleep by 10.30pm max since his office hours are from 7am. What I don’t get is how can he be online like till 1.30 am? I seriously doubt him over many things.. Can you please help me.. Like how this guy is?
Anurag singh
18 Sep 1988
Patna, bihar

Sir can you tell me how is his marriage life? How is he as a person….??

Is he involved with someone? If yes, I’ll simply move out of his life.. Please guide me.